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List of Graduates Honoris Causa

Year        Class of Doctor

List of Graduates Honoris Causa
YearCongregationHonorary GraduatesClass of Doctor
200663rdThe Hon. FOK Ying-tung HenryDoctor of Laws
200562ndRichard J. ROBERTSDoctor of Science
200562ndLI YihyuanDoctor of Social Science
200562ndWANG DaohanDoctor of Laws
200562ndLIEN ChanDoctor of Laws
200562ndCHENG Hoi-chuen VincentDoctor of Social Science
200562ndKING Yeo-chi AmbroseDoctor of Laws
200461stSir James A. MIRRLEESDoctor of Social Science
200461stLAO YungweiDoctor of Literature
200461stYANG LiweiDoctor of Science
200461stWilliam M.W. MONGDoctor of Social Science
200360thReinhard SELTENDoctor of Social Science
200360thYU Kwang-chungDoctor of Literature
200360thThe Hon. Arthur K.C. LIDoctor of Laws
200360thAnthony Francis NEOHDoctor of Laws
200360thLU YongxiangDoctor of Science
200360thRaymond P.L. KWOKDoctor of Laws
200360thJAO Tsung-iDoctor of Literature
200258thFerid MURADDoctor of Science
200258thLUI Che-wooDoctor of Social Science