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List of Graduates Honoris Causa

Year        Class of Doctor

List of Graduates Honoris Causa
YearCongregationHonorary GraduatesClass of Doctor
200663rdHO Tzu-cho DavidDoctor of Social Science
201170thHO Tzu-leungDoctor of Social Science
198224thHSING Mo-huanDoctor of Social Science
201682ndMaster HSING YUNDoctor of Social Science
200865thHSU Cho-yunDoctor of Literature
198224thHUA LuogengDoctor of Science
200157thHUNG Hon-cheung GeorgeDoctor of Social Science
200865thLouis J. IGNARRODoctor of Science
200056thDaisaku IKEDADoctor of Social Science
201886thIP Sik-on SimonDoctor of Social Science
200360thJAO Tsung-iDoctor of Literature
200258thJI XianlinDoctor of Literature
200764thDale W. JORGENSONDoctor of Social Science
201170thJU MingDoctor of Literature
19687thThe Hon. KAN Yuet-keungDoctor of Laws
198123rdKAN Yuet-waiDoctor of Science
198529thKAO Kuen CharlesDoctor of Science
19641stClark KERRDoctor of Laws
200562ndKING Yeo-chi AmbroseDoctor of Laws
201477thJoseph KOODoctor of Social Science