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List of Graduates Honoris Causa

Year        Class of Doctor

List of Graduates Honoris Causa
YearCongregationHonorary GraduatesClass of Doctor
199753rdWU Jie-pingDoctor of Science
200966thWU Po-ko MichaelDoctor of Social Science
198631stWU QingyuanDoctor of Literature
201579thWU WeishanDoctor of Literature
201068thXU GuanhuaDoctor of Science
201886th The Hon. Joseph YAM Chi-kwongDoctor of Social Science
201579thShinya YAMANAKADoctor of Science
199753rdYANG Chen-ningDoctor of Science
197415thYANG Ching-kunDoctor of Laws
201375thYANG FujiaDoctor of Science
197617thYANG Lien-shengDoctor of Laws
200461stYANG LiweiDoctor of Science
198427thThe Hon. Justice YANG T.L.Doctor of Laws
200865thYANG Tzu-yow HenryDoctor of Science
201375thYANG Leung Yin-fong KatieDoctor of Social Science
200663rdYAO Chi-chih AndrewDoctor of Science
200764thAlex K. YASUMOTODoctor of Social Science
198022ndYAU Shing-tungDoctor of Science
197314thMichael Alexander Robert YOUNG-HERRIESDoctor of Laws
200360thYU Kwang-chungDoctor of Literature