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What should I do if I wish to attend the Congregation?
All graduates can log in to the Online Registration System to register.


How long will be the Congregation?
The Congregation will be around 1.5 hours.


Will I be presented with the certificate at the Congregation?
No. The certificate will be available for collection after the Congregation. Please refer to Collection of Certificates for details.


If I will not attend the Congregation, can I still rent an academic gown?
Yes, graduates who are not attending the Congregation can still rent a gown from the the service provider before the registration deadline. Please refer to Gown Rental for details.


What is the proper way to wear the academic gown?
Please click here for the proper way to wear the academic gown.


May I attend the next year's Congregation if I can't attend the Congregation this year?
No, graduates can ONLY attend the Congregation of the current year.


Can I bring children under 6 to the Congregation?
Children under 6 can join the live webcast of the Congregation in a nearby lecture theatre while being accompanied by an adult.


What is the transportation arrangement on the day of the Congregation?
There will be special shuttle buses running between the University MTR Station, the ceremonial grounds and live webcasting venues, from 8:00am to 1:30pm. Due to limited parking space on campus, please avoid driving your own car to the University. A rehabilitation bus service will also be available in the car park near Exit A of the University MTR Station for persons in need. Please call the Transport Office at 3943-7992 for the service upon arrival at the University.


What will be the language of the Congregation?
The Congregation will be conducted in English. No simultaneous interpretation will be provided.


What should I do if I wish to amend the information, such as attendance, number of guest tickets or mailing address for sending tickets, etc. after I have registered online?
You may log in to the Online Registration System to retrieve and amend your record on or before 8 October 2021. If you are unable to access your record, please email to your faculty to make the change(s) as soon as possible.




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