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List of Graduates Honoris Causa

Year        Class of Doctor

List of Graduates Honoris Causa
YearCongregationHonorary GraduatesClass of Doctor
200056thCHEN Jia'erDoctor of Science
198529thThe Hon. S.L. CHENDoctor of Science
200663rdCHEN ShupengDoctor of Science
199550thCHEN Tseng-tao ThomasDoctor of Social Science
201477thCHEN Wai Wai VivienDoctor of Social Science
202089thCHEN Yidan CharlesDoctor of Social Science
197820thCHENG BinDoctor of Laws
200562ndCHENG Hoi-chuen VincentDoctor of Social Science
198123rdCHENG Te-k’unDoctor of Literature
197921stCHENG Tung-choyDoctor of Literature
201068thCHENG Wai-kin EdgarDoctor of Laws
199346thCHENG Yu-tungDoctor of Social Science
19699thCHERN Shiing-shenDoctor of Laws
199346thCHEUNG Huen-cheong ThomasDoctor of Laws
199142ndCHIANG ChenDoctor of Social Science
198733rdGerald Hugh CHOADoctor of Laws
199854thCHOW Kwen-limDoctor of Social Science
198836thCHU Ching-wu PaulDoctor of Science
199854thSteven CHUDoctor of Science
198325thThe Hon. Sir CHUNG Sze-yuenDoctor of Laws