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List of Graduates Honoris Causa

Year        Class of Doctor

List of Graduates Honoris Causa
YearCongregationHonorary GraduatesClass of Doctor
201170thLEE Woo-singDoctor of Social Science
198836thLEE Yewpick EstherDoctor of Social Science
201784thLEE Yick Hoi-lun HelenDoctor of Social Science
198938thLEE Yuan-tsehDoctor of Science
198733rdLEUNG Kau-kuiDoctor of Social Science
201272ndRichard Charles LEVINDoctor of Laws
200360thThe Hon. Arthur K.C. LIDoctor of Laws
197011thLI Choh-haoDoctor of Laws
197819thLI Choh-mingDoctor of Laws
198427thLI Dak-sumDoctor of Social Science
201373rdDavid Kwok-po LIDoctor of Social Science
197617thLI Fang-kueiDoctor of Laws
198427thLI Fei-kan (Ba Jin)Doctor of Literature
198631stThe Hon. Mr. Justice LI Fook-sean SimonDoctor of Laws
198022ndThe Hon. LI Fook-woDoctor of Social Science
199753rdLI Ka-shingDoctor of Laws
199142ndLI Kwoh-tingDoctor of Laws
200663rdThe Hon. Chief Justice LI Kwok-nang AndrewDoctor of Laws
200562ndLI YihyuanDoctor of Social Science
199955thLI WOO Tse-ha DaisyDoctor of Social Science